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  • enix_ds2013 will be a busy wedding year for E.Nix Design Studio #booked #excited -
  • enix_dsIt was very hard trying to choose top five pics for this couple. Stay posted for the extra outtakes coming soon at eni…http://t.co/sJzOTg1T -
  • enix_dsAwesome couple, enjoyed working with The McLean's. Like the E.Nix Design Studio Page for more updates! http://t.co/3TbtxE9r -
  • enix_dsThe Tillett's Wedding Portfolio Box. More Pics coming soon! via http://t.co/ZAoHe8Wy @Ronika Ferebee-Tillett http://t.co/LyY5X21H -
  • enix_dsIt was great working with Mr.Robert Knowles, Ms.Ursula, and Milestone Publishing House on this project. http://t.co/iPpD0eCP -



Eric Nixon (b.1989) is a new breed of artist. He sees things in a new form of perspective, Eric is a bold character with bold ideas. The images that he both captures and creates are of pure reality, at times he even takes his work through a journey of spontaneous exploration. Eric’s work spans various mediums, in which he produces videography, photography, as well as graphic design with his infinitive mind of intellect and imagination. The future of such an artist is destined to shine upon the industry, and continue to make an impact within the world.


Actors Movement Studio (June 2010)

Fl 6, 302 West 37th Street New York, NY

(212) 736-3309

Internship; Graphic Design Task include web design, photography, running errands, creating programs and layouts.







-Digital Retouching



-Web Devolopment

-Business Packages


-Graphic Design



-Video Editing


-Creative Concepts

-Set Design


Harney’s Wedding Book

On November 9, 2013
By Nixon

Very proud to be on board for the Harney Wedding. A unique themed wedding for a unique couple cause for a very unique book. For more ideas and techniques be sure to contact me through email.

Christian’s Wedding Portfolio Book

On March 9, 2013
By Nixon

This idea started out as gift for my aunt (bride). She is very non traditional so I decided to make her a story book which outlined her entire wedding day. After I published it, I ordered a special book and purchased a bronze embellishment from a local craft store to top it off. I also picked up some fabric and had the inside of the box fabricated. It turned out great and she loves it. Simple, give it a try!

Photographer’s Forum Magazine: Best Photography 2011

On November 5, 2012
By Nixon

Not long before I graduated from Elizabeth City State University in 2011. One of my professors recommended that submit some of my shots from class into a photography contest for emerging professionals. I was shocked to receive information that my work was marked as finalist in the contest, also published in there annual book for 2011. So if you ever see the book or purchase it turn to page 204 :-) Photographed is my frat brother Kevin Swain. Check it out!


Tillett’s Wedding Portfolio Book

On November 5, 2012
By Nixon

The Tillett’s are a great couple I really enjoyed working with them. They had a beautiful chocolate themed wedding constructed by Created by Him Entrusted by You Designs. I found just the rite ribbon to layer their portfolio with. Inside holds a story book outlining their entire wedding day, a dvd with a memorable slide show, and a extra drive holding all the photos. This package was just enough to get a phone call from the bride in tears of joy, I can truly say that makes it all worth it.

Senior Art Show

On October 30, 2012
By Nixon

This was a very stressful show to pull off. Mainly because I had so many ideas and so little time to do it in, but I got through it. I had some very powerful messages that I wanted to get across to people who can’t seem to speak, act or think for themselves. It was called Break Out Foundation, I did a series of posters to give insight from different prospectives about violence, false teachings, idolizing, and so many other things that is going on with people and their ability to continue to be passive. The swirls of the design indicate chaos, the boxes represent the mind state of the person being closed. I also did a more personal series, stay tuned!


Senior Art Show: Lenticular Art

On October 30, 2012
By Nixon

This is the series of art that is based on my experience of anxiety attacks. I developed it after the passing of a close cousin, each night I would wake up gasping for air or not being able to awake out of my sleep. This went on for about three or four months. I wanted to capture the emotion of the anxiety and the intensity, what better way to do it besides use motion. The lenticular lens helped develop animation from one scene to the next. This series also has information to overcome similar experiences. Check it out!